PrimePutting confidence into healthcare property development

Their work is fresh, surprising and client-centric and they really are a tight team that practices what they preach - bringing the latest comms and marketing knowhow without ever just 'playing by the book.

Wendy Teo, Marketing and Communications Director, Prime

Against a background of uncertainty – a looming Brexit and changing political leadership – Prime had been quietly enabling health and care providers across the country to navigate their way through the mire and make transformational changes to their estates. Garrotted by complicated ownership models, bureaucracy, and funding cuts, health and care providers across the UK have struggled to do more to their estates than simply keep the lights on.

Enter Prime: an ambitious, savvy and considerate developer with the skills and insight needed to enable substantial change to happen. We’re talking about gigantic new training hospitals, integrated community health care hubs and the kind of care homes we’d willingly move into now. Yet despite the incredible work, the business had been doing over its 20-year history, Prime wasn’t gaining the market cut-through they deserved. They were working with an out-of-date visual identity, complicated messaging and using that to talk to a nervous industry of incredibly risk-averse healthcare professionals. Simply put, Prime’s identity lacked the confidence it needed to assure its potential clients; the kind of confidence the team exuded in person and was completely lost in print.

In our one-to-one interviews with Primes’ clients, we heard something remarkable: the clients believed Prime could lead the industry if only they believed in themselves. Our competitive analysis and marketing audit backed this up – Prime was working across the breadth of health and care on a scale that their competitors couldn’t touch, yet their external voice was fragmented and cautious. So we devised a strategy: not only would we give Prime an identity that pushes their brand ahead of the crowd, along with a defined purpose statement and vision that set the trajectory of the business, but we would embark upon a campaign to elevate their profile beyond the rest.

Enter Prime: an


savvy and considerate developer

Capable of blinding genius without ever being overbearing or arrogant. Their razor sharp focus and enthusiasm has filled us with love for our brand.

Wendy Teo, Marketing and Communications Director, Prime

Responsive mobile website design
Responsive mobile website design

We trained the whole organisation on how to adopt the brand and how to use and embrace the new tone of voice. We worked with their internal team to conceive and implement design changes to their space that would reinforce the brand and its values. We gathered the business leaders and asked them: what is next for health and care property? With the empowered team and a boatload of ideas, we began embarking on a thought leadership campaign that united all of their marketing efforts (events, print, web) with the sales process. All of that, in less than six months.

Prime now has an identity that speaks to their truth: that they’re a business who are making a significant impact on how we all experience health and care across the UK. More importantly, their new cohesive brand invites others to better understand what they do, how they do it and why they’re unlike anyone else.

they’re a business who are making a significant


on how we all experiencehealth and care across the UK

Launched in January 2020, Prime’s cardinal report Ending Change Paralysis in NHS Estates was the summation of in-depth interviews with their senior leadership team and clients around the unique set of challenges facing the health and care sector. The report, featuring a foreword by Sir Robert Naylor, provided a critical pathway to the financial controllers, estate managers, clinicians and councils, that would enable them to break through the barriers of change management and policy that have long inhibited our public health buildings from becoming fit for purpose.

Along with creating the narrative arc for the report that anchored a series of thought leadership articles which launched in the lead up to the reports publication, we translated Prime’s roadmap for change into a graphic device that could be used in conversations to help estates managers identify key barriers and overcome them. Our in-depth interview and copywriting process enabled us to forge the relationships with key organisations and press partners to amplify the reach of its publication – delivering to a hugely successful campaign that we’re proud to have been involved in.

Social media brand assets for thought leadership campaign
Social media brand assets for thought leadership campaign
Social media brand assets for thought leadership campaign


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