We’re always on the lookout for talented designers, strategists, developers, and creatives of all levels with an incredible eye and a penchant for brand to join our team.

That said, we do get heaps of people emailing us – so if you send in a generic cut-and-paste email without a portfolio, you’re probably never going to hear from us.

If you join our team, we’ll back you to the hills: we’ll invest in your development, we’ll care about your life outside of work, we’ll help you follow your passions. So we do ask that applicants show us what you would bring to our team. We want to see portfolios and read compelling personal statements – bin the CV, we know how to look you up on LinkedIn.


  • Team breakfasts & lunches on the regular
  • Monthly nights out in Brighton or London
  • Beer/wine/San Pellegrino fridge
  • Office library
  • Flexible working hours
  • Firm belief in work life balance
  • Massage once a month
  • Team away days

Our values

uncharted exploration

Without discovery, creativity stagnates. We journey to find the new, the surprising, the informative. To fill our creative well to the brim with inspiration.


Our judgements are based on clear rationale that encompasses evidence and empathy.

getting involved and being included

Inclusion is a privilege that we extend to others, because sharing ideas and gaining perspective enables us to achieve so much more.

captivating creativity

Honed senses, technical skill, deep empathy and unbound creativity. We cherish the role of art as a tool for communication that can delight and inspire.

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Current vacancies

Senior Marketing Strategist

Salary £35k - £45k
Location Brighton (currently working from home)

The purpose of the role is to provide overall marketing strategy support for the Directors. It provides a focal point for both internal and external clients. It is an integral role to the success and the growth of the business. Strategy is a vital part of the UnitedUs creative offering. Understanding our clients, the business case, and the role of creative communications is an essential part of delivering great graphic communication. We always strive to build lasting relationships that are formed on a basis of trust, and trust comes from understanding. Our strategists are that bridge between creativity and commerce, they form the foundation of every project and work closely with the UnitedUs Directors and the clients. You will be a focal point of the business in the eyes of our clients and also internally within the team and a leader in your field, with experience and examples of changing organisations for the better through strategic marketing deliverables and proven outcomes. You will also be a champion of UnitedUs thinking strategically both internally about the growth and success of the organisation as well as aligning with our customer's needs.

Job role:

  • To create and lead the marketing strategies for our clients, bringing brands to life through creative campaigns in a variety of media.
  • To work very closely with clients to establish trusted and long-term relationships
  • To get to know as much as possible about client's businesses, aspirations and goals to better inform the overall project for UnitedUs
  • To work with the clients to set KPI and measure campaign performances over extended periods of time, using those to make incremental changes that improve client outcomes
  • To lead projects from start to finish both locally and internationally as needed
  • To develop marketing strategies which will inform compelling creative
  • Ability to leverage brand language, develop key messaging and deliver storytelling frameworks
  • To be an active participant in the briefing of the creative team and be on hand at all points in the project to offer strategic insight
  • To lead and create workshops and training for our clients
  • Develop client relationships and nurture account growth
  • Collaborate with strategy peers and report to the Creative, Digital and Strategy Directors
  • Write strategy documents and compile new and engaging ways of delivering the business and creative strategy to clients that not only impress them with the depth and content, but also the creative presentation as well.
  • Be a positive influence on the organisation, be prepared for and welcome the creative and strategic challenges that the role will present and maintain a positive approach to resolve them.


As a marketing strategist, the role requires great understanding of the customer experience and their communication sphere so that you can create and execute effective and memorable campaigns. The role will work closely with the Directors of UnitedUs, therefore, it requires a strong team player willing to give-and-take throughout the creative process. It requires an understanding of the wider creative world, creative influences, and influencers that should shape and lead the conversation within the creative team. It requires constantly looking at the creative and business world with an open mind, to soak up new ideas, new opportunities and connect those opportunities with the business and strategic goals of the clients. The role requires an appetite for learning, and to be actively engaged in reading about culture and business structures that could be of benefit to the wide-ranging client base. It requires an assertive and confident personality, whilst being open to new ideas and ways of working. The marketing strategist role is one that comes with its own demanding opportunities and being able to delegate work effectively is important to the continued high level of strategic work the company delivers. The role should promote the collective of UnitedUs with a focus on the importance to build a unified brand and fully embrace the UnitedUs culture.

Role requirements

Essential experience and skillsets must include:
  • Creative industry experience gained in the areas of Brand, Design or Marketing.
  • Minimum of 5 years strategy experience across B2B and B2C marketing campaigns.
  • Experience delivering campaigns across that raise awareness, build brand advocacy and drive sales.
  • Ability to inspire high standards and maintain great team morale.
  • Guardianship of client strategy & senior client relationships.
  • A high level of IT skills and Mac proficiency
  • Examples of brand / creative strategies in implementation
  • Confidence to make decisions when armed with clear goals and values
  • Handling, processing and analysing data (social, web, customer)
  • Consumer and market research (primary and secondary)
  • An instinct for an insight
  • Clear, concise, and compelling written and spoken presentation


  • Ability to work independently
  • Resilience
  • A sense of humour
  • A joy of multi-tasking

Job benefits and perks:

UnitedUs recognises that our dedicated team help the business to achieve ambitious goals by going the extra mile. We, in turn, reward their dedication and commitment by building a culture of reward for our people who are fully supportive of the organisation and the place we want to build. With this in mind we are always finding ways to support the health and wellbeing of our team, foster inclusivity and champion diversity. We made the decision to move the whole business to remote working two weeks before lockdown started, and we will be continuing in this vein until a point where it becomes viable to return to the studio. In the meantime, we've found new ways of supporting the team and our culture - from access to free Headspace accounts to virtual coffee catchups and virtual team events. We recognise that some of you might be shielding at this time and we would still urge you to apply - we can arrange for virtual interviews instead of in person. But equally, if you're happy or would prefer to meet us in real life, then we can arrange a suitable safe way to do so.

To apply

Please send us a covering letter or even better - a portfolio - showing us some of your campaign credentials and telling us why you'd like to join the UnitedUs team. CVs are also handy too, so please pop that all over to [email protected]

The Bridge Intern Programme

Salary £9.30ph - Brighton Living Wage
Location Brighton

Our internship programme offers a one month placement in one of our core disciplines - creative and strategy - and is intended to provide aspiring brand thinkers with a holistic introduction to agency life. You’ll get involved with our live brand projects, working alongside the team to get under the skin of our clients and suss out what they’re all about, and then coming up with ideas for creative solutions to their commercial and cultural challenges. Whichever discipline you choose, you’ll work with a senior lead who will guide you through our approach, the role and its responsibilities - but they’re also there to challenge you too! Our internships should challenge you - sometimes leading to an idea that will shatter our own thinking, and other times things are going to end up in the bin (and that’s totally OK!). As an inherently creative team, we think everyone should have the opportunity to sink their teeth into big challenges and the space to create big ideas. Whilst there are a lot of perks to agency life here - from office dogs to beer fridges - we work hard and bloody love what we do. We’re looking for ambitious talent; people who are at the beginning of their journey into brand and design who are hungry to find out more. Our internship programme is designed to be a bridge from school or uni into the industry (or even a space to explore a total career change) and a chance for you to explore what brand means to businesses like Aon, Fujitsu, Google, Helpforce and more. Working 9-5 is a way to make a living, because we pay all our interns the Brighton Living Wage (£9.30/hour)... and we promise that is the only Dolly Parton joke we’ll make for at least a week. There’s no guaranteed job at the end of the programme, but if something does come up - our interns are obviously best placed to know about it.

Strategy & Planning

Calling all curious minds: the strategy and planning internship offers a chance to delve into the world of brand through the lens of research, account management, diagnosis, planning and strategy. People who ask questions, who relish the opportunity to be nosey, to learn about a whole new industry or discipline inside out. Highly organised with great communication skills, the strategy and planning department is very client-facing. Bit of a generalist but always great at joining the dots and finding solutions? Maybe strategy & planning is for you.


Want the opportunity to flex your creative muscles and explore the power of design and ideas in the world of brand? This internship is a chance to solve big challenges through design in all its shapes and forms (and colours, obviously). Aspiring designers, illustrators, photographers, typographers, motion graphics artists and more. If you cannot put down the pencil (or stylus) because you’re full of ideas and exploration - then a creative internship might be the one for you. You’ll be on the receiving end of creative briefs from the strategy & planning team, and working alongside our creative team to come up with ideas and execute polished artwork.


We don’t offer an internship within our development team (yet), but if you are an underrepresented person who would like to embark on a career in development, we highly recommend you check out one of the these organisations who can provide you with mentorship and support along your journey. We’re committed to diversifying our industry, and proudly support our local chapter of Codebar.


Salary £25k - £45k
Location Brighton

We are always on the look out for great designers to join our team. We want to see fantastic portfolios that excite us and show something different. Keep an eye out here for specific roles, but if you have something exciting to offer then get in touch.


What is the interview process like at UnitedUs?

Most candidates will have two interviews. A first one to get to know you and find out more about each other. If successful, we will ask you to do a small project prior to a second interview, and for some roles you may be required to spend half a day working with the team.

How do I apply?

Please email [email protected] with your portfolio and cover letter explaining why you’d like to come join our team and what role you’d like to fill.

Is your office accessible?

Our office is on the first floor of a converted warehouse so it is not accessible to wheelchair users. However, we believe that you don’t need to be physically in our office to be a part of our team or do kick ass work together - so please do not hesitate to apply and we will make reasonable adjustments to accommodate you if your application is successful.

I have additional needs, can I still apply?

Of course! The best ideas come from diversity of thought and experience so we want to make sure that everyone in our team can bring their best selves and ideas to work. As such, we are aware of the Access to Work programme and can help work with you to ensure you have the tools, support and resources you need to excel.

Do you ever fill roles before a job application date closes?

When we receive a really stand-out application, we might bring the process forward - so do get your application in sooner rather than later.

Do you use freelancers?

Our team all have permanent roles but we occasionally use freelancers and contractors for very specialist requirements. So if you have a cracking portfolio or feel you have something to add then send it in!

What kind of thing do you want to see in my portfolio?

We want to see beautiful work with strategic thinking. Hypothetical work is fine but your portfolio will need to include some real projects which have been through the battle of delivery. If you worked on a project with collaborators then we will want to know which part you played.

Can I send in an application even if you don't have any vacancies listed?

Yes! We love to hear from great talent. However, as we receive lots of portfolios and enquiries about roles and internships we will only respond if what you have sent has made us take notice.

I'm a parent - can I negotiate my hours?

For full time members of staff we ask that you’re at work (in the office or virtual) between 10am-4pm, but you can choose your start and end time around those parameters. For example, some of our team do the morning school run so they come in at 10am and leave at 6pm, others start at 8am and leave at 4pm. We want to make sure that you’re there for those unmissable moments - so if there’s a school play or sports day, talk to us about it.

Can we just meet for a coffee?

We do love coffee, and if you just want a chat then do drop us a line. We can’t guarantee that we’ll always be available, but we do make the effort when we can.

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