HelpforceA brand to shape the future of volunteering in the NHS

Brand identity design for Helpforce

This fantastic campaign is such a strong example of the British spirit. Helpforce will make a real difference to so many people’s lives in the months and years to come

HRH Prince of Wales

How do you radically transform the way we experience healthcare in the UK? How do you enable more people to experience the benefits of altruism; becoming closer to the communities they live in and feeling supported, cared for and valued? How do you enable the world’s fifth-largest employer, and most prolific social care system, to iterate at scale?

Helpforce is a non-profit organisation that’s confronting some of the biggest challenges within health and social care across the UK and finding the opportunities for volunteering to become more effective and impactful throughout the health and care experience. Given the intensely political, complex and crowded environment they exist within, their brand needed to provide a clear narrative and sharp cut-through that would make their cause compelling to patients and NHS Trust leaders alike. And now, across the country, it’s doing just that.


hours pledged to support the NHS through Helpforce

The Helpforce brand brochure spread
The Helpforce brand brochure spread

The initiative of Helpforce is an overwhelming success, and it will benefit the lives of everyone in the UK and wider NHS

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Working alongside the team at Helpforce, and the PR minds over at Forsters, we devised, designed and launched a national volunteer recruitment drive in the DailyMail in the lead up to Christmas 2018. Over the course of one month, the campaign attracted over 33,000 volunteers – increasing the NHS’ volunteers by one third and contributing 1.8 million hours of volunteering over six months.

Helpforce needed a brand that could foster a social movement; an apolitical call to action that would unite people around a vision for a community-integrated NHS. An invitation to everyone, whether you’re the leader of an NHS Trust, a healthcare worker or a patient, you can contribute to shaping the future of the NHS through volunteering. Being a part of this movement provides you with the tools, knowledge and network to get involved. Along with #bethehelpforce, the brand contains a master plan of staged messaging that enables them to talk about the practical, ground-level work they are doing within hospitals, through to the large scale change advocacy that defines the future of their organisation.

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34k volunteers signed up in one month to Helpforce

1000 pledges per day

6 days to create campaign and website

Luke, Natalie, and the team at UnitedUs have a great combination of creativity, intelligence, and passion, which they bring to bear on creating standout brands.

beth vaughan, head of communications, helpforce


Helpforce brand identity and website design by UnitedUs Brighton


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