ONEFAMILYBuilding a new brand for an £8bn financial services company

The UnitedUs team took the time to understand us and really get to the heart of what is important to not only us as a company, but to our customers too.

Tracy Hastings, Head of Brand & Customer Strategy

OneFamily was a business that had gone through a huge change. Owned by its customers and with no third-party shareholders, the business was created by the merger of Family Investments and Engage Mutual in 2015. Bringing together a joint heritage of some 80 years in financial services and managing more than £7.4billion for its customers. OneFamily knew what its mission was; to offer financial solutions that were focused on the challenges that families are facing today. But its existing brand and visual identity didn’t reflect its new target audiences and business plans. Like many businesses that have made the complex operational, financial and cultural journey to merge two large institutions, it required a brand that matched its new ambitions. The OneFamily brand was introduced at the point of the merger, however as the business had evolved, it needed to make its branding work harder to stand out in the crowded financial services marketplace. It was time for a change.

We knew OneFamily was a different kind of financial institution from the moment we stepped through the doors. Rather than the typical wall of grey and blue suits, the OneFamily staff could easily be mistaken for working at a creative-technology enterprise – demonstrating a spectrum of fashion, diversity and youthful energy that can only be found in Brighton. Over the course of four months, we workshopped, interviewed, researched, questioned and analysed the business to discover what it was that united One Family’s 600-strong workforce.

Our research uncovered that the financial services industry has always claimed finance is personal – creating a damaging taboo around our money, shrouded in secrecy and seldom talked about openly. But finance never really is just personal. OneFamily sees through the mirage to the true impact our financial choices have, and what truly motivates us to save, invest and spend. Throughout our research, the theme that kept cropping up was intergenerational finance, which linked to OneFamily’s drive to create products that families of today really need. Gone are the days when finance was personal; for many of us, the reality is that we buy houses with our partners, or with help from our parents and grandparents. When we save, we’re saving for our children and for our parents.

OneFamily’s new brand identity revolves around this attitude; viewing your own finances as intrinsically linked to the people in your life that you call family. They stand for modern family finance, for all of us. From photography to copywriting, we overhauled every element of their brand identity, to embed the message of a financial services firm that understands modern family life and all of its intricacies and many-faceted functions. The new circle logo encompassing the all-embracing definition of family – whether it’s through blood, love or circumstance. A fresh, bright and clean colour-palette also provides a clear background from which to share their key messages in structured, bold statements – a straight-talking company communicating who they are and what they stand for within an industry rife with mistrust.


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The OneFamily office branding at night
OneFamily brand brochure design example

Our new brand reflects our belief that finance is no longer personal but about families working together to meet the demands of modern life.

Tracy Hastings, Head of Brand & Customer Strategy

OneFamily brand leaflet design example


One Family brand strategy and identity design by UnitedUs Brighton


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