Sentry FundingThe UK’s first litigation funding portal

We are delighted with our decision to work with the UnitedUs team, who have become an integral part of our company. They had a clear vision and detailed implementation strategy which is working exactly as they said it would.

Tony Webster, CEO, Sentry Funding

Litigation funding is plagued with a host of backwards practices that make the process cumbersome and biased. We’re working to change that.

In fact, Litigation funders average a measly 4% conversion rate from application to funding, while many solicitors don’t even realise it’s a legal requirement to show their clients all of the available funding options, instead they often stick to known providers. Rather than negligence, this concerning reality has been caused by both the overwhelming process and paperwork, lack of transparency in the sector, and the infancy of litigation funding as a practice in the UK. All of this makes it increasingly difficult for solicitors to comply with regulatory obligations, and more importantly, deliver justice to those deserving of it. Sentry Funding knew that – if left to its own devices – the current system would ensure that justice was only served to those with the time and pockets deep enough to withstand chaos.

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Offering experience in the intersection of finance and technology, the founding team knew there had to be a better way to empower the people and justice failed by this complex process. So they bought together their financing experience, AI technology, and the smartest minds across the legal sector to create Sentry Funding.

Sentry Funding knew that their brand and product had the potential to wake up the industry, so they approached us to help bring their vision to life. Armed with their ambitions and our experience of the wider Sentry Group, together we set out to create a challenger brand that would:

01 Position Sentry Funding at the forefront of the litigation

02 Elevate Sentry Funding’s status in the market upon first sight

03 Strike the right balance between traditional and cutting edge, to empower dynamic growth

04 Provide a uniquely ownable style, that allows Sentry Funding a voice and instant establishment in the sector

05 Create a digital experience that legal firms and funders envy

Leveraging our shared insights into funding and the litigation process, we quickly realised it was important to use simple language to challenge a difficult process. Using this approach we developed both an educational, and considered strapline to clearly convey what Sentry Funding is – “The UK’s first litigation funding portal” – and why it exists, bringing Sentry’s funding reason for being into the forefront – “Funding Justice”. By showcasing the brand in this way, we pose implied questions to the whole industry – why hasn’t a product like this existed before? And why has justice been based on bank accounts for this long?

They've created an industry-leading brand and we love working with them.

Tony Webster. CEO. Sentry Funding


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