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Player Research brand identity design by UnitedUs Brighton

It was a pleasure to work with UnitedUs. They went deep into understanding who we are, what we do, and where we're going, then used that insight to provide us with a brand we're exceptionally proud of.

Bob Tilford, User Researcher

Player Research came to us at a pivotal moment in their history. Standing at the forefront of the emerging games-testing industry and having recently been acquired by a global firm, they wanted a brand strategy that matched their ambition and experience. As well as being ardent and passionate gamers, the Player Research team are also pioneering experts in their field, reviewing game play from a scientific perspective with unrivalled insight into the psychology of gameplay. However, hidden in an unassuming, generic office building in the heart of Brighton, with no real fanfare or grandeur, it wasn’t obvious to an outsider that they were turning out work that is reshaping a global industry.

Player Research brand print spread design

Best. Rebrand. Ever

Katey Parr, UX Researcher, EA

Before our work together, Player Research’s brand development had been reactionary and lacked unity between its visual expression and their in-person experience. They had struggled to define their messaging and articulate their awesomeness. After immersing ourselves in their business, (not unlike the experience of stepping into Second Life for the first time), we helped Player Research redefine their brand, heroing the science without losing any of the fun – enabling them to secure impressive collaborations with the likes of EA Sports, where they champion the ‘voice of the player’ to learn more about the likes of Hockey Ultimate Team fans.

As innovators within their field and the founders of this emerging industry, any new brand needed to focus on the transformational value they brought to the games industry. After all, they were the bold explorers blazing a trail and helping game designers to reach new levels of player satisfaction.


Following an in-depth research phase, we devised a new strategic mission and vision for the business – showcasing them as the premier games user research partner and highlighting their energy and commitment. Our strategy creates a framework from which they can manage their future operations, people management and marketing – essential to enabling their team to take ownership of their growth.

We crafted a set of bright, modern visuals, representative of the digital sphere in which Player Research work – championing them for the aspirational and energetic business they are. Playful, interactive colourful spheres dominate the website, representing the intrinsic playfulness of life. While a new 3D logo represents their digital environment – flexing and moving and bringing it to life to simulate the reality of gameplay.

As well as enhancing their digital offering we helped Player Research to dig deeper – from advising them on ways to improve their working environment to more targeted messaging that is aspirational to both clients and testers alike. The results of which position Player Research as the premier games user research partner they are – total next-level stuff.

Love seeing geometry in the letters! As always one more good piece for inspiration!



Player Research brand identity design by UnitedUs Brighton


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