MAMA GINF*** yeah gin!

Mama Gin brand design by UnitedUs Brighton

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Eliot Rogers, founder

You say “Gin?”… we say “We’re in!”. That’s pretty much how it went when Eliot came to us in the process of fitting out his third custom food and drink truck – each one specialising in a different service offering: gin, coffee, food (also known as the trifecta of joy!). The task was clear: design a visual identity for the trucks that would work for the high-end, hipster crowd. Whether he’s hosting a drinks reception at a wedding or providing tipples to visitors of Le Mans, the brand needed to be effortlessly cool, enticing and legible across a field.

With a nod to the gorgeous vintage style of the Citroen HY Horse-Box Van that MamaGin operates from, we took our cues from 70s Campari adverts and the film American Hustle; giving the brand a retro feel that was opulent and alluring in a sumptuous colour palette. Combining the classical, evocative font for the word ‘mama’ with contemporary fonts for the Gin, Brew Bar and Food strands of the business, we’ve given MamaGin the flexibility to expand their glorious mobile hospitality empire with even more sub-brands in the future.

Side note: we also booked MamaGin to provide a cocktail bar for our summer party – because after all, we’re an agency that likes to operate a truly ‘tried and tested’ methodology. So we’re pleased to share that MamaGin comes highly recommended.


Mama Gin bottle packaging


are the best. End of.

Mama Gin gin truck


Mama Gin brand identity design by UnitedUs Brighton


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