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The first time I went to a Lucky Khao pop-up it totally transformed how I saw Thai food. It’s not often that you try something that is truly different and turns your perceptions upside down. From that moment I was hooked.

Jan Rust, Digital director at unitedus

Housed in Redroaster, on the edge of Kemptown, Lucky Khao wanted to be a brand that conveyed the authenticity that is modern Thailand – street food, busy streets and night-life. The business is fourth in line for entrepreneur Mike Palmer, already owning Lucky Beach and Redroaster. Lucky Khao was to be a destination restaurant for people who love food. Anyone looking for an experience – for something delicious and surprising. An unplanned night out or a late night bite after work.

Illustrations created for the Lucky Khao restaurant brand
Illustrations created for the Lucky Khao restaurant brand
Illustrations created for the Lucky Khao restaurant brand
Photography for the Lucky Khao restaurant brand

Despite its party reputation, restaurants opening late on weeknights are a rarity in Brighton, something Lucky Khao wanted to remedy. After several successful pop-ups, it was clear the interest for a late-night hot-spot, serving delicious and exciting food in Brighton was high. The menu offering is second to none, from bamboo larb to fermented pork, it really isn’t Thai food you’ve ever experienced this side of the Andaman Sea.

Lucky Khao needed a strong and vibrant brand that in visual terms packed the punch of chilli and the zing of lemongrass. Pairing the pink neon lights of Thai nights with calming tropical palms, UnitedUs created a brand that unites the buzz of bustling streets serving tasty treats with the oasis of the restaurant setting – a crisp, contemporary interior design, overflowing with exotic plant life.

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Lucky Khao illuminated brand logo design by UnitedUs Brighton


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Illustrations created for the Lucky Khao restaurant brand

Lucky Khao

Lucky Khao Brighton - restaurant brand design by UnitedUs


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