365TalentsA people-centric challenger brand fit for a decentralised future

Print advertising showing how people are more than just their job title, by listing off their skills as they define them in their own words.

If you’ve spent any time in or thinking about Web3, you might well have heard about the benefits of decentralisation. Or if you’re a bit more old school, decentralisation might feel like a political agenda. But how much have you thought about what decentralisation would mean for your role and value at work?


With all the makings of a challenger brand – a disruptive AI, $12million in Series A funding secured to help them achieve international expansion, and an ambitious attitude – French startup 365Talents were on a mission to make talent mobility empowering for employees on the ground. Yet despite all the right ingredients, the 365Talents’ brand wasn’t bringing any of this to the forefront, leaving them blending in rather than igniting the talent revolution they were capable of.

As a growing business with global ambitions, we knew our former brand was too restrictive. We needed to differentiate ourselves in our emerging market and explain why our product was the perfect match for enterprises looking to transform their business with a people-first talent experience.

Loïc Michel, CEO, 365Talents

The market is still very new and we are all trying to sell what appears to be the same thing, but it’s not. It’s like we’re trying to sell light, and everyone is selling candles and we just invented electricity, but it’s no use as the audience doesn’t understand the difference.

Team Workshop, 365Talents

To help 365Talents externalise what they already knew to be true, we set about understanding 365Talents inside-out so that we could help them bottle the ‘je ne sais quoi’ that got their investors, employees and long-term clients so excited once they experienced the product for themselves.

Just like people in 1805 couldn’t have imagined how fundamentally the first electric light would change how we live, we too needed to see it to believe it. By combining a series of client and colleague interviews, deep dives into the product, and desk research, we came to realise that 365Talents was the only player on the market whose skills ontology was based on a decentralised, self-declaration of skills – making their AI the only one capable of enabling employees to chart their own course of success.

Billboard advertising examples showing how Colette is better defined as a 'legend'
Billboard reading embrace the unexpected
Posters reading 'Dave. Made visible by 365talents'

Not only did this eureka moment help us to substantiate the “people-first”, “AI-enabled” sales and marketing talk that we too had become sceptical of, it offered an opportunity to align with HR leaders who were desperately trying to become employee-first. All while enabling us to export an inherently French ability to go off-recipe, and reinvent the status quo with a decentralised solution internationally.

As such, we set about positioning the 365Talents brand as the key to unlocking a new world of work. A world where employees are in control of their career paths, and enterprises are able to instantly access untapped and unexpected potential. Enabling employees, people leaders and organisations alike to move more meaningfully as they navigate unchartered territory and unlock opportunities on their own terms.

Our creative hook for the brand hinged on the unexpected and untapped potential that this decentralised approach to skills can release. Or, as we like to think of them; hidden gems! By encapsulating a sense of the unearthed possibilities, new territories and serendipity that 365Talents unlocks for its users into their externalised identity, we’ve ensured that the 365Talents brand harnesses not only the magic inside their AI, but its power to change the world we all work in.

Staff notebook merchandise reading 'chart a new course for your people at work'
Billboard reading 'the team you thought you needed' next to rigid grid, and 'the one you actually need' with decentralised gems

We found UnitedUs' proposal combining brand strategy and design a perfect match for us. On top of that, they proved to have a perfect understanding of enterprises’ HR challenges and how we are answering them. We are super pleased with the results.

Loïc Michel, CEO, 365Talents

Tote bag showing 365Talents's decentralised logo
Billboard reading 'Unlock your hidden gems with 365talents'

The creative team really blew our mind and offered an incredibly strong brand image with a lot of depth to play with. A rebrand is an investment that stays with you a long time and we have all the elements we need to never get tired of it. And it’s not just the marketing Team, the whole company can't wait to wear our branded gear now!

Julie Asselin, Head of Marketing, 365Talents



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