Standard CharteredA global campaign to connect with the APAC emerging affluent

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Our work with Standard Chartered, in partnership with PR company Man Bites Dog, to deliver their inaugural Emerging Affluent report became the most successful global campaign they have ever run. More than just a riveting piece of thought leadership, the campaign tracked the saving habits of Asia-Pacific’s Emerging Affluent and enabled users to benchmark their habits against their in-country peers through an interactive data journey. The success of which has led to the engagement becoming an annual staple in the Standard Chartered APAC calendar.

Through playful yet professional illustration and animated code, we converted the white paper report into a game that translated its findings into a deeply personal narrative, resulting in an average time on site of 4 minutes 17 seconds – a somewhat mind boggling duration for a professional services site whose average engagements are often a little over one minute. Not only did the experience captivate users enough to stay on site, but it crucially led to a significant increase in report downloads – increasing by almost 200% on their previous study.

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With alarming regularity, professional service reports have lent heavily on their datasets to tell their stories, but as many of us will know – graphs are only so enticing, especially if you’re the kind of person who is looking at them on a regular basis. Instead, the cornerstone to our approach was to bring the story behind the data to life – to make the comparisons and insights real to the lives of the intended audience. Saving your money is a journey to achieve a desired outcome, whether that’s a new home or your retirement, and our approach to the design of the benchmarking tool not only reflects that journey, but encourages the emerging affluent to mature their approach to saving, with a little help from Standard Chartered of course.

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Report design


increase in PDF downloads

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The emerging affluent in the markets surveyed are avid savers, setting aside, on average.


of their income every month.

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