RendeavourAn African urban development rebrand worthy of a president’s approval

A global economic transformation is taking place, and Africa is at the heart of this opportunity – with the potential for improvement greater, and likely to be fulfilled more rapidly than anywhere else in the world. As the continent’s largest urban developer, Rendeavour is unlocking this potential, transforming over 30,000 acres of land across major cities in Africa. Working in partnership with world-class experts, local developers, governments and local communities to create large and diverse satellite cities – together, Rendeavour is transforming African’s urban future, through well-planned developments, economic opportunity and job creation.

Rendeavour is unlocking this potential, transforming over


acres of land across major cities in Africa

Tatu City on the edge of Nairobi is one of Rendeavour’s leading projects, with huge commercial infrastructure already in place. At UnitedUs we believe you can’t create a brand that truly resonates with an area without visiting it, spending time there and interacting with the people that define its culture. So for a week, we worked, walked and photographed Nairobi and Tatu City, learning the history and importance of the ‘city of the future’ to the local community and wider Kenyan economy.

Tatu City is a leading light in Nairobi’s transformation and growth with new homes and accommodation, world class schools and global brands, such as Unilever building their first industrial plant on African soil on the site. Tatu City is also about local success stories such as Dorman’s Coffee (Africa’s largest coffee producers) creating their home in the new city, shoulder to shoulder with recognised brands, showing their place in the global economy. Our brief was to build a brand that resonates both with the local Kenyan communities and also the world’s biggest brands – a place they can all call home, a city of the future.

Rendeavour Tatu City Brand Photograph

At the centre of the vast Tatu City site stands a historic tree – the mother tree. With it’s vast trunk and huge canopy, it stands like a statue of time in a changing world, and this perfect symbol of hope and legacy sits at the heart of their brand. The brand mark of the mother tree has become synonymous with Tatu’s reputation as a future with strong roots in Kenya and can be seen on advertising and promotional materials all over the country. We’re proud to have delivered a brand that will be a defining symbol in generations of families and communities to come, a brand that is rooted in Kenyan culture.

To create a city brand was a huge creative challenge. Understanding culture, history, politics and societal sentiment meant spending time in Kenya with communities learning and listening. The Tatu City project has been one of the most rewarding projects we’ve ever delivered, and seeing it evolve and flourish fills myself and the whole team with pride.

Luke Taylor, Creative Director, UnitedUs

Our relationship with Rendeavour began when they commissioned us to carry out a full rebrand complete with website, marketing materials, print and digital assets that would flow from the parent brand into individual satellite projects. As a cross-continent company with teams based in both Africa and Europe, we were excited to help Rendeavour’s brand work effectively across the starkly different cultures and social norms.

With colour being such an integral part of African culture – symbolising everything from celebrations to sorrow, and representing a host of varying emotions, traditions and religions, it was vital that we developed a colour palette sensitive to this. Purple and gold – colours representative of status, royalty and power formed the foundations of our identity, being mindful to ensure the premium status of the brand was understood by its audience.

Rendeavour Business Brochure for Coffee industry

We took the time to research, understand and look deeper into what makes Rendeavour tick, and the messages that would help it resonate with the target markets. The results are a representation of the messages and values of Rendeavour and a foundation for the visual and creative side of the business to flourish.

Jan Rust, Digital Director, UnitedUs

Rendeavour brand website design mobile view
Rendeavour brand social media advertising design
Rendeavour brand signage design

In addition to the multitude of digital and out-of-home assets accompanying the new brand identity, it was the B2B sales brochure that was the real centrepiece – attracting attention from none other than Barack Obama, who encountered the Rendeavour rebrand at the Presidential Summit in Kenya, stating; “I really like the work you [Rendeavour] are doing here, and these brochures look pretty slick, I really love the purple. Nice job.” The president-impressing brochure was a key marketing tool used to introduce the organisation and showcase each of their satellite projects. Intentionally designed to stand out and not conform to the standard brochure formats, the square shape utilised full bleed imagery to complement the copy. While a three-fold throw-out cover, featuring an internal map of the continent, showcased the locations of active projects, this attention to detail has helped Rendeavour to consolidate their position as the number one urban developer in Africa.

Along with the parent brand, each city also needed an equally strong visual identity to bring them in line with the quality and impact Rendeavour were already making in the industry. Anywhere from 120 – 4,400 hectares in scale, each development offered a mixture of housing, amenities and infrastructure to help sustain and accelerate Africa’s growth. Dubbed ‘live-work-play’ environments as part of our campaign messaging, each sub-project was at a different stage of development – anywhere between planning, construction, and sales.

Tatu City  •  Appolonia  •  Jigna  •  Alaro City  •  Kiswishi

Each development was given a considered, contemporary creative that cascaded down into the full accompaniment of marketing materials which included: Large scale site graphics such as entry sculptures, campaign billboards, brochures, leaflets, exhibition displays, slide decks, e-newsletters, and ID cards.

cities designed around a mix of


and architectural difference

And the results? Rendeavour has continued to grow in scale with more cities being built across the African continent, having also gained huge traction locally with purpose built brands that engage young and aspirational families. Their properties have brought a heightened level of expectation in infrastructure, home quality and life opportunities – with cities designed around a mix of wellbeing and architectural difference. While the brands that we collaboratively delivered with their teams on the ground, have driven engagement and positive uptake on both commercial and residential properties.


Rendeavour brand identity design by UnitedUs Brighton


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