OKINUniting a portfolio of companies
with a new masterbrand

What began as a project to reinvigorate the brand of a global outsourcing firm as their organisation pivoted away from a legacy contract, quickly transitioned into defining a new organisational architecture and branded house for an emerging portfolio of companies.

Previously united only by their ambitious shared investor, Michal Jelinek’s portfolio boasted a 4,000 strong workforce spanning facilities management, process outsourcing, IT services and a raft of innovative emerging technology startups; distributed across the US, Czech Republic and South Africa. Yet while each business enjoyed its own successes, opportunities were being lost and hindered by the lack of an overarching sales process and clearly defined service offerings across the group. In fact, there was no ‘Group’ organisation to speak of.

Working with Jelinek, wider businesses stakeholders, and colleagues from across the organisation, we began carving out a new identity system and a supporting brand architecture that could both amplify the independent offerings of each business line and help identify areas for cross-selling and referrals. Early into our research, we identified that there was the opportunity to build a strong parent-company narrative and transition all the companies towards a flexible branded house model that would provide them with increased efficiency and clarity across their sales and marketing.

Grounding the OKIN companies with a new Group purpose and strapline – “Making work better” – we created a flexible brand architecture that would direct their entrepreneurial energy into clearly separated areas of expertise.

We set out guiding principles for each sub brand, so that the visual identity would not only work as a collective, but would bring their unique strengths to life. From the authoritative presence of OKIN Group, through to an animated process motif for the newly renamed OKIN Process (formerly OKIN BPS), and an electric green digital K’nex for OKIN Connect – each leveraged the Group brand for its firm foundations, mirroring the real-life operational setup of the businesses. This approach meant that the original brief for a re-invigorated process outsourcer could be met via a unique new OKIN Process brand that emphasises the fun, energy and practicality of the company, while also firmly grounding it within the purpose and values of the OKIN Group.

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Okin Process Brochure Design
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Okin Connect Brochure Cover Design

As a result, the project didn’t just provide an emboldened, compelling sales narrative that both customers and colleagues across the business can understand and buy into for one business line. It has set a roadmap for collective success to be harnessed and cultivated as the Group continues to evolve. Leveraging each other’s strengths, assets and expertise and literally living their own purpose to

make work


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  • Brand strategy
  • Print collateral
  • Brand guidelines
  • Copywriting
  • Visual identity
  • Tone of voice
  • Web development
  • Business Strategy


  • Technology
  • Professional services


  • Czech Republic & U.S.A