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Our relationship with OKIN began back in 2020, when reinvigorating the brand of a global outsourcing firm quickly transitioned into uniting a portfolio of companies under a masterbrand set on making work better. With OKIN Group now equipped with a flexible brand architecture that enabled any of its portfolio companies to effectively communicate their unique area of expertise, it was time to turn our attention to helping their most complex company – OKIN Facility – achieve its expansion ambitions through a rebrand reflective of its people, purpose and potential.

Facilities management – or “FM” for short – is an unusual industry to say the least. From office and laboratory cleaning, to gardening and maintenance, to managing complex technical equipment across factories and energy companies, OKIN Facility is in charge of keeping 1,500 client locations clean, safe and operationally efficient.

Long viewed as a ‘cinderella profession’ due to the connotations of an invisible workforce picking up unpalatable, outsourced jobs, the pandemic has set the stage for organisations to open their eyes and realise that facilities management plays a critical role – not just in infection control through clean safe spaces – but in helping to set the foundations for an agile and ethical future of work.

While OKIN Facility has always been a successful and trusted facilities supplier to our customers, we truly believed that facilities management had a bigger part to play in the future of work than they perhaps appreciated. This was a hugely complex job given the need to condense a huge range of services into simple, value driven messages that would resonate with employees and clients across multiple countries and languages. Having seen UnitedUs in action, we were confident they had the intellectual, strategic, and creative expertise to help us hone these critical messages for the future.

Dr Ian Thomas, Chief Strategic Officer, Okin Group

If that wasn’t complicated enough, OKIN Facility’s 2,000 strong workforce is the definition of distributed. Speaking seven different languages and spread across six Central and Eastern European countries, in the absence of a shared OKIN identity, central communication system or a shared space of their own, OKIN employees had begun to see their clients as their colleagues.

In the knowledge that this emotional and physical distance could create communication and cultural challenges that might impact employee engagement and retention – not just with a rebrand, but with the organisation itself – we knew that in order for the brand to invigorate the existing team and spark their expansion into Western Europe and North America, we had to find a way to engage and unite all those who worked under the OKIN Facility umbrella.

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work better

Our usual approach to team engagement involves a lot of on-site visits – not only to get a sense of workplace culture and expressions of a brand, but to host internal workshops and interviews that help us get under the skin of what makes an organisation tick. Between COVID and the logistical challenges of connecting with everyone in their organisation from cleaners to technicians, all without a centralised hub to call home, we needed to devise a new approach to project communication and involvement. Enter: the good old printed newspaper.

OK, it wasn’t quite that simple! We shifted workshops and interviews online, hired a crack team of journalist-interpreters to facilitate dual-language sessions, created

fortnightly briefings for OKIN’s country team leads, and summarised everything that we were doing and how the team could get involved into regular newspapers that were translated, printed and distributed into the hands of the whole team, wherever they were in the world.

Our efforts to ensure everyone felt part of the rebrand project strengthened the experience for all involved, while our open communication channels led to us discovering the greatest value OKIN Facility offers is their workforce’s commitment to taking care of their clients. An insight not only capable of embodying the existing attitude of OKIN employees, but pivotal in connecting to the overarching OKIN Group mission of making work better, starting with facilities.

UnitedUs came up with a fantastic and engaging response to this challenge, producing a colourful, engaging and multilingual broadsheet newspaper that was distributed to colleagues at all locations. Not only did this mean that we were able to communicate important information in a clear and unambiguous way with difficult-to-reach colleagues, it also meant that we were able to do it in a fun and engaging way that people really responded to.

Dr Ian Thomas, Chief Strategic Officer, Okin Group

OKIN branded magazine
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Inspired by the infinite tasks OKIN Facility employees take care of, and careful to ensure the brand could bridge varying languages and locations, we crafted an easily-accessible identity built around a set of ‘care instruction’ icons. From an emotive suite that expressed how customers might feel interacting with the brand, to visual representations of each service line, the flexible identity ensured OKIN’s commitment to making clients’ facilities better was impossible to ignore.

For clients, this helped to reframe the FM narrative and declare once and for all that OKIN Facility takes care of the critical foundations without which organisations couldn’t accomplish their future of work or ESG (environmental, social and governance) ambitions. From facilitating the

smooth and sustainable running of their buildings to helping them grow and scale by leveraging new technologies, an invigorated identity made it undeniable that the OKIN Facility team is a fundamental asset in taking care of everything that facilitates clients’ worlds of work.

Internally, OKIN Facility’s commitment to make work a better place to be has set the stage for OKIN to become an organisation that truly takes care of its employees. As OKIN continues its expansion, the new identity ensures every employee feels part of something bigger and during a hugely unsettling time for Ukraine, employees in the region know that OKIN Facility is united in its commitment to stand by them to the fullest extent.

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OKIN brand billboards
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The best outcome of our rebranding is that UnitedUs have captured the spirit of our people, our approach to business, and the value we deliver to customers in one simple statement: We take care of it. UnitedUs have helped us to realise that our fundamental value has always been the unparalleled commitment of our people to take care of whatever our clients need to be successful. For this reason, ‘we take care of it’ is a source of pride for our employees, a reassuring commitment for our customers, and a clear ‘north star’ for our strategy and communications.

Václav Trávník, CEO, OKIN Facility

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