Holy Cow ice creamIce cream so good we almost don’t want to tell you about it

Holy Cow Ice Cream brand packaging design by UnitedUs Brighton

UnitedUs have been with us from the first sample flavours when Holy Cow! was just a dream. They truly live up to their name as they are so united with us, bringing ideas, expertise and energy to our brand and wider business.

Laura Gutane - Founder of Holy Cow! Ice Cream Company

We’ve been with Holy Cow from their inception, privy to the first homemade samples, all the way through to today as they make the bold leap into the wholesale market.

Our initial brand concept helped them launch their locally-made products in their first-ever high street shop, serving sweet treats to loyal Sussex locals and delighted visitors alike. With experience and experimentation, Holy Cow has wowed with their wild and wonderful flavours (our personal favourite being Unicorn… good luck guessing that flavour combo!).

However, as the company enters the wholesale market they needed an attention-grabbing new identity to widen their appeal, with a look as bold as the flavours they sell. Instead of dressing up what they had with the graphic equivalent of sprinkles and a flake, we’ve redesigned the whole brand identity.


The evolution of the Holy Cow brand is a set of cheeky, playful visuals set against a colourful backdrop designed to make you look twice. We understood that attracting large catering and retail outlets into stocking Holy Cow’s ice cream would require a total gear-shift in their marketing and with their new look we’ve ensured they will stand out in a competitive market with a distinctive look and ballsy attitude to boot.

That's Tasty! Holy Cow brand design typography visualisation.

I know they love doing what they do, and it just makes working with them so much fun, and that fun comes across in our brand.

Laura Gutane - Founder of Holy Cow! Ice Cream Company

Holy Cow ice cream truck brand design


Holy Cow Ice Cream brand design by UnitedUs Brighton


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