Goal Power! From pitch side to centre stage

Posters of Goal Powers!' leading ladies
Goal Power! exhibition entrance graphic

UnitedUs have worked with creative energy, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness to deliver a dramatic, strong and bold brand identity that shares our vision for the exhibition as a call to action for women’s football.

Helen Grundy, Creative Programmer, Royal Pavilion & Museums

From the feminist players of 1895 and the war worker footballers of the First World War to the defiant players who have changed the Football Association from within. Brighton Museum & Art Gallery’s ‘Goal Power! Women in Football’ exhibition was created to celebrate the women who have paved the way on and off the pitch. By shining a light on stories of resistance, perseverance, and above all a love for football that defies boundaries, the exhibition exists to celebrate the immense ground covered, harness the driving force pushing the game forward and ultimately inspire action that will keep the momentum of change going for future generations to come.

Inspired by the incredible stories on show and the opportunities that lie ahead for women’s football, the visual identity fuses a sense of the professionalism, pace and culture seen across football design today with a juxtaposed use of the historic images and more homespun traits, echoing the positioning of the women’s game. Using the springboard of ‘Power in Play’ we created a visual identity based on momentum, progression and empowerment, with vibrant colours and bold energetic typography nodding to the football ephemera from yesteryear – giving the icons of this exhibit a sense of the legacy they well deserve.

Goal power! footballs

UnitedUs’ work has been integral to the whole project. The creative team worked with generosity and inclusion, they challenged and supported the project team, and produced designs for marketing, retail and the exhibition at Brighton Museum which reflect the passion, dedication and perseverance of the women at the heart of Goal Power!

Helen Grundy, Programme Manager, Royal Pavilion & Museums Trust

In an exhibition that bought together the full spectrum of female sportsmanship – be that their backgrounds, stories or opposing perspectives – the visual identity needed to feel ownable for everyone and anyone, aligning with both the diversity of players represented or the future advocates it aimed to engage and inspire. As such, the creative had to cheer rather than shout, so that no individual voice overpowered another. Through the player cards visualisation, we wanted visitors to the exhibition to feel moved to champion women’s football by creating this desire for something that is collectable, and so readily available in the men’s game.

By bringing this new lens to the incredible stories curated and crafted by the Goal Power! team we aim to show the inequality of the past but also the opportunities that lie ahead in one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. In doing so, we hope the subjects of the Goal Power! exhibition can finally be seen and appreciated as the trailblazers that they are.

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Goal Power! playing cards
Goal power! exhibition
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The whole UnitedUs team are incredibly proud to have been a part of telling these fantastic stories, especially in our hometown of Brighton. Our hope is that exhibitions like this continue to illuminate the disparities faced by women in one of the fastest growing sports in the world, while also celebrating the trailblazers who are moving us forward so that others might have the courage to do the same.

Luke Taylor, Partner and Creative Director, UnitedUs

Full of optimism for a brighter future for women’s football, we donated our fee for this project to Lewes Womens’ Football Club and global NGO Goals for Girls – go check ‘em out!

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