AONCalling all businesses to rise, resilient, during a global pandemic

As a world-leading professional services firm that sells financial risk-mitigation products, including employee health and wellbeing solutions, Aon knows all too well the real business value of looking after employees. But with a subject that can be ‘fluffy’ at worst, and difficult to measure at best, Aon challenged us to help them launch a campaign that would prove once and for all that businesses who strategically invest in the wellbeing of their people reap the rewards of a resilient workforce.

The regional EMEA campaign cemented resilience at the top of the C-suite agenda, scooped an internal global award for best marketing campaign, and within six months of launching the drive towards “resilient workforces” has supported one of Aon’s four global priorities for reshaping the future. A mammoth achievement for a big idea that was sparked in a small boardroom before COVID hit.

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Fuelled by a research survey sent to 2,500 employees and employers across EMEA in early 2020, we set out to measure the impact of wellbeing strategies in the workplace, so we could test our hypothesis – investing in your workforce’s wellbeing is more than good housekeeping, it’s what makes businesses thrive. Providing Aon with the evidence they needed to show the impact of their health and wellbeing packages on employee’s happiness, productivity and loyalty, while proving that the benefits reached well beyond people power, ultimately they enable businesses to protect and grow their bottom line. Helping us to give employers a strategic roadmap so that their workforce could rise resilient.

a research survey sent to


employees and employers across EMEA in early 2020

Just as our research went out into the field, COVID-19 also started to travel around the world. With physical health immediately placed at the top of HR directors’ agendas, and resilience on business leaders’ lips across the globe, we knew that the campaign was more important than ever. And we weren’t the only ones, with a queue of contributors wanting to offer insight, and business leaders eager to get their hands on Aon’s thought leadership, the existing momentum of the campaign sky-rocketed. From a workshop with country leads in Autumn 2019, to a multi-market study and subsequent report, microsite, year-long editorial programme and an interactive self-assessment survey, this project turned a kernel of an idea into an EMEA-spanning campaign that was resilient enough to not only withstand 2020, but create a campaign thread fit for both the future of work and Aon’s global efforts going forward. Working alongside the central EMEA team at Aon Health Solutions, we planned, strategized, designed, analysed, interviewed, coded, and communicated to colleagues, clients and finally to the wider market a message that we knew firsthand to be true because we continue to live through it every day: resilient businesses invest in, and care about the health and wellbeing of their workforce.

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