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UnitedUs recently supported us to translate raw data into a magnificent regional EMEA report that was both appealing to the eye and an excellent read for our clients and prospects. They were quick off the mark to understand the importance of adapting the messaging to support the challenges being faced by organisations due to COVID-19.

Yolanda Fernandez, Head of Marketing EMEA, Health Solutions, Aon

As the makeup of the modern workforce undergoes dramatic changes, Aon is leading the way in workforce resilience. Experts in responding to the ever-changing needs of the employee, Aon helps businesses to understand and serve their staff through meaningful health and wellbeing packages that improve their people’s morale as well as their business metrics. With clients across the globe, Aon has their finger on the pulse of new trends that HR departments and business leaders across the world will need to be ready for. As a result, they are consistently producing thought leadership content and offering forward-thinking solutions to help businesses respond to ever-changing dynamics – something we’re very proud to help them achieve through our ongoing work.

Aon approached us to author and design a research report that explores the nuanced needs of the Gig Economy, fueled by the knowledge that gig workers are increasingly becoming the backbone of our global economy, yet are often treated as second class citizens of the workplace. By uncovering the tough decisions driving this revolution, the report determines the role businesses should play in the financial wellbeing of gig workers, while showcasing how the right mix of benefits can not only attract the best talent, but fundamentally redress the perceived instability of gig work.

gig workers are
often treated as


citizens of the workplace

Poster designed for the Aon Gig Economy Benefits

Critically, the report needed to launch at the beginning of the global COVID-19 lockdown. It had to cut through the noise and connect with the business leaders who were working with those in the gig economy. The report needed to tell those people in the midst of dealing with the pandemic what they needed to do, the challenges that the people they work with face, and how to design an approach to health and wellbeing that empowers their business and the people who work for it.

In order to represent the diverse needs, and ever-expanding definition of a “gig worker” the report was based on the findings from an EMEA spanning survey, with respondents ranging from midnight shelf-stackers on zero hour contracts, to freelance consultants for trendy startups boasting an enviable work-life balance. To compliment this data, we also conducted in depth interviews with industry leaders who continue to shape best practice within the Gig Economy, offering further expert insight from the likes of Uber, Digital Vision Search, Canteton, ManPowerGroup and Aon colleagues from across the region.

When it came to the visual identity, although adhering to Aon’s brand guidelines was paramount, we still wanted to create an original look and feel for this report. This was achieved by very economical and careful selection of type weights and colours to bring a level of elegance and refinement that gives the report an identity of its own whilst still being ‘on-brand’. By utilising the contrasting tones in Aon’s existing strong red, white and black colour palette, we were able to emphasise both important data and realist photography – ensuring that not only are the facts hard to ignore, but the faces behind the statistical figures are equally unavoidable too, adding weight to the overarching message.

The report is a call to arms for forward-thinking organisations to redress the benefits balance. After all, the workplace of the future will not force people to compromise between their desire for workplace flexibility and long-term financial security. Instead, the path to get there is clear, and it’s both meaningful and ethical — to the benefit of both the worker and the business.

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Always a pleasure to work with such a bright and forward thinking agency with a genuine passion to understand our needs and transform our aspirations into a reality.

Yolanda Fernandez, Head of Marketing EMEA, Health Solutions, Aon


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