AMIDesigning a Pan-African brand
to inspire African business growth

Over five years ago, we helped a then-fledgeling training company find its feet with a brand identity to launch their pioneering, blended learning business. So, when that same company came back to us, having scaled their operation over five countries with users across the African diaspora, we were incredibly impressed and also aware of what needed to be done: the brand had to evolve too. What once worked for a startup was no longer right for a company that has helped train over 25,000 African managers. Their company had grown, along with their reputation – bringing with it new people, new perspectives and moreover, the industry itself had seen a growth in competitors trying to enter the space.

To help AMI launch this new chapter in their evolution, Luke & Jan travelled to Nairobi, immersing themselves in the organisation and conducting in-depth interviews and workshops with the internal team. Their findings unearthed some significant disparities. It became clear that the organisational identity the team spoke so passionately about – from its culture to its service offering and intrinsically African nature – wasn’t being conveyed externally to their clients and end-users. Despite being game-changers in their field, the disruptive nature of AMI was not being communicated in their language or identity, leading to a distorted view of their position in the market.

AMI brand identity showing the logo design pattern

Wanted to pass on a big thank you from all of us at AMI for our awesome new brand and website. We love it. Thanks for all the hard work, we're thrilled with the end result. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Hope to work with you guys again.

Rebecca Harrison, Co-founder & CEO, AMI

Never ones to not spotlight the bold and the talented, we used our research to build AMI a strategy that highlights the transformative business they’ve become and effectively communicates their brand ethos:

Enabling ambitious businesses across Africa to thrive.

AMI’s brand identity is now intrinsically African, adaptive and scalable; clear on the core tenets of training in Africa. To support this, we rebuilt their website around the true currency of human connection: stories. Stories from their community – of the heroes out there with big ambitions, those who are building thriving careers, teams and businesses.

We evolved their existing visual identity, modernising their logo and breathing fresh air into their brand, while also offering them flexibility through the use of shape and pattern across media. From brochures to billboards, social media to their website, the identity was created to be intentionally flexible in its implementation; with the logos and colours able to be broken down and used in the smallest of details or as big, hero designs.

Modern and aspirational, the rebrand provides AMI with the tools to truly embody a disruptive workplace learning organisation – one that reflects the experiential, engaging and interactive offering. It communicates that their approach to management training is different from the norm; that they are the mavericks and pioneers shaping the future of learning in an exciting continent, progressing at a rapid pace.

Enabling ambitious businesses across Africa to


25,000 entrepreneurs, managers and youth leaders
trained across 13 African countries

Brochure cover showing use of the brand identity patterns


AMI brand strategy and identity design by UnitedUs Brighton


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