21ConstructionHelping the new kids on the block grow up

I was slightly sceptical about the strategic phase, after all what could they possibly tell us about our business - we know it back to front! I was genuinely taken back by their intuitiveness and use of language. In a very detailed and eloquent way they reminded us of why we started the business and what was truly important to us.

Keith Ashcroft, Founder, 21Construction

Seven years in the making, 21Construction has grown into a true industry challenger; nipping at the heels of its competitors. But in a sector where reputation is everything, a fresh perspective wasn’t enough to help them stand out amongst fierce competition. In order to become London’s fit out contractor of choice, while protecting its challenger status, 21 needed to find a clear, divergent position that could encapsulate and protect their unique approach – proving that they’re not only the ones to watch, but that they’re here to stay.

To achieve this, we’ve been on a mission to discover 21Construction’s secret sauce, and find a strategy to preserve that for the journey ahead. Proving that ‘cool’ isn’t detrimental to your age, or size – but instead, by the attitude you bring to the table, and the way you handle yourself internally and externally. Our research unearthed both their ‘new kid on the block’ position, and their ambition to prove that the fit-out sector still had much to learn. Championing a customer-first mindset and an enviable internal culture, the propelling energy at 21Construction was a desire to be different. To avert the normal course of fit out construction and deliver better; a more remarkable service, a positive culture and truly incredible spaces.

Brochure print design for the new brand identity

A space to be


A space to be different conveys 21’s constant commitment to delivering difference; whether it is in the spaces they transform or internally with their staff, they are redefining the rules of fit out and refurbishment. They needed a brand that was reflective of the dynamic, energetic, and passionate team that lives and breathes 21. By placing difference at the heart of their brand, they can set an expectation – for themselves and their clients – as to how they behave and what they deliver.

This modern, punchy and bold approach, is a direct reflection of the people who make a difference in 21 every day. So we wanted to encapsulate this in their brand identity, and what better way to do that, than show those people in their environment proudly standing together, showcasing a vision of solidarity. Through a range of shoots on a live construction site, we were able to show the unique mix of people that continue to shape 21. The images are the hero across all of 21’s collateral, from the website to print – beautifully contrasting the industrial feel of the brand with the warmth and dynamism of the team. We achieved a similar juxtaposition through our strong, bold, mono-typeface which echoes the industrial past, while offering a fresh punch of colour. While the brand and logo use interchanging letters for numbers to showcase that there is space for 21 inside everything and everyone, demonstrating that difference has a way of getting under the skin of the people it meets, leaving a lasting impression and building a reputation that precedes it.

Best Brand Development Project to Reflect Change


Transform Europe Awards 2020

Brand identity social media asset design
Website design for the brand identity
Brand identity social media asset design
The team wearing their branded workwear

UnitedUs provided us with a comprehensive brand strategy plan and were with us every step of the way, to ensure that our brand was truly reflective of us, and captured our culture.

Marion Duplain, Head of Marketing and Client Relations


21 Construction fit out brand strategy and design by UnitedUs Brighton


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